Multi channel eCommerce software comparison: A short list

Multi channel eCommerce software comparison: A short list

After conducting short research, every Internet user can conclude that there are dozens of eCommerce platforms that support multi channel sales. However, these platforms are not created equal which makes multi channel eCommerce software comparison a very important activity. Take this comparison seriously because the choice you make will affect the performance of your eCommerce venture in the future. Lucky for you, we have created a short list of well-known eCommerce platforms that will meet the criteria of all users who are looking for multi channel sales over the Internet.


BigCommerce is a popular eCommerce software solution which comes with multi channel features. This platform lets users make a list of all their products on multiple sales channels. In this way, they can boost their reach and ultimately their income. Shopzilla, Bizrate, and PriceGrabber are just some of the many channels supported by this platform. BigCommerce users can also offer their products on eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook and Amazon. We should mention that integration with eBay is especially successful.


This list includes PrestaShop too because this multi channel eCommerce platform has a long list of great features. In addition, this open source solution is highly customizable. PrestaShop comes with sophisticated integration with a few different platforms including Amazon Marketplace. However, you have to pay for a plugin in order to finish this integration. Every PrestaShop user can expect excellent customer support over phone, email or live chat. It’s worth mentioning that this platform can be integrated with a few other sites including Google Shopping and eBay.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform known for many things and multi channel sales features are just some of these things. This platform is upgraded and improved all the time. So, when you use a platform like this, you can rest assured that the latest technology is implemented. According to the latest stats, more than half of Shopify users are selling products on more than one channel. Even people that don’t have experience and knowledge can integrate Shopify with popular platforms like Amazon or Facebook. On top of that, Shopify supports a few Point of Sale apps which mean that online users can complete secure payments via iOS and Android. When it comes to cost, this platform charges a reasonable monthly fee. You can choose from a few different pricing plans created for specific categories of users.

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